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Alignment & centering

EVT Label Alignment Inspector

The Label Alignment Inspector (LAI) checks the position and the alignment of a previously defined label. The parameters are defined by the user. Afterwards the inspection can be applied immediately to the production process.

The system is based on the EyeVision software and is easily adapted to your applications. The hardware includes the EmSys computing unit and an industrial camera of the supported makers such as e.g. Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, Baumer, Teledyne Dalsa, Flir, etc.

Brochure EVT Label Alignment Inspector

Inspection program switch when label change

In case of a change of labels the software can switch to the corresponding inspection program. And the software can also adjust the illumination in correspondence with the inspection program. To control the illumination, four independant LED connections are available. Those are directly controlled by the LAI software

Features Label Alignment Inspector

Automatic inspection program switch when label changeInterfaces: GigE, USB, RS232, RS485
easy integration into:


  • Tracker system
  • SPS
communication protocol for:


  • Profinet
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • UDP & TCP/IP
Stand-alone systemHeadless system


Via the hardware interface the system can communicate with a tracker-system as well as SCADA or PLC. Different tracker boards and systems can be integrated into the inspection process with the tracker-protocol.

Stand-alone or headless system

The stand-alone-system is available with user interface and can be set up locally. The headless system is programmed remotely from the master computer to upgrade already existing facilities.

EmSys Computer

On the EmSys computer further inspections can be carried out parallel to the label inspection, such as bar code, or OCR/OCV inspections. The EmSys has four Ethernet interfaces for cameras and communication. Also it has an USB 3.0 interface and four independable LED connectors, which are controlled by the software.

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