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Cavity testing

Hole & Void Inspector (HVI)

The Hole & Void Inspector (HVI) is based on active Thermal Imaging. The HVI can detect concealed holes and voids in diverse material such as e.g. wood, caoutchouc, plastic, foamed material or fiber-reinforced plastic material, etc.

The system is based on the EyeVision software and is easily adapted to your applications. The hardware includes the EmSys computing unit and a thermal imaging camera of the supported makers such as e.g. Optris, Flir, etc.



For active and passive Thermal Imaging


Active Thermal Imaging means that the object is irradiated with heat. Passive Thermal Imaging means that the object is heated during the production process. Afterwards a thermal imaging camera inspects how the material is cooling down. Holes and voids have different heat flow than the material and can therefore be detected.


Features Hole & Void Inspector


for thermal imaging cameras by Flir and OptrisInterfaces: GigE, USB, RS232, RS485

easy integration into:

  • Tracker system
  • SPS

communication protocol for:

  • Profinet
  • OPC UA
  • Modbus
  • UDP & TCP/IP
Stand-alone systemHeadless system


 Interfaces and protocols

The system can communicate via the hardware interfaces with a tracker-system as well as with SCADA or a PLC. With the communication protocols such as Profinet, Modbus, TCP/IP & UDP the system can communicate with the machine.

Stand-alone or headless system

The stand-alone-system is available with user interface and can be set up locally. The headless system is programmed remotely from the master computer to upgrade already existing facilities. The inspection results can be sent via the integrated webserver to a browser.