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The new EyeSmartVision Cabinet

With the EyeSmartVision Cabinet (EyeSVC), the solutions with the EyeVision software become even easier and faster.

The EyeSVC consists of the EmSys computer, which is equipped with PoE for 4 GigE cameras, as well as a monitor and a signal tree. The EyeSVC can be operated either directly via 230V or 24V. In addition to the standard I/O 8/8 in 24V technology, the system has current-controlled LED outputs, which can be controlled directly via the lighting. The entire system is configured via the integrated EyeVision software using drag-and-drop, which means that optical measurement and testing tasks can be solved quickly without programming.

The entire EyeSVC is only 250x350x120 mm in size and can be easily accommodated anywhere. In addition to the digital I/O, many other communication interfaces such as Profinet, Modbus, TCP/IP and a serial interface RS232/485, but also an incremental encoder input are available for system integration. This means that the system can be used immediately for almost all optical inspections in the areas of 1D, 2D, 3D and thermography.

The results can either be signaled directly via the existing digital I/O or forwarded to a PLC via the existing bus protocols. The OPC UA protocol also enables the system to be integrated into complex automation environments.

The test results can be displayed on the built-in monitor or made available for embedding in other applications via the EyeView protocol. The parameters and the test programs can be changed directly on the built-in monitor or via a host computer or the SPC.

This makes the EyeSVC a fully-fledged component for use in the Industry 4.0 environment. A comprehensive data sheet about the system can be requested directly.