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Vision 2021 » Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

You can see 3 different applications on our conveyor belt:

  1. Color recognition
  2. Read code and plain text
  3. License plate recognition with deep learning

Deep learning in image processing:
Deep learning is always used in image processing for optical quality assurance when the object to be inspected appears in different variations that are difficult to grasp. Classic image processing does not recognize occurring errors. The extended deep learning components of the EyeVision software are the solution here. These deep learning components enable quick and easy training. With the deep learning accelerator, the deep learning functions can also be performed efficiently on weak computers.


  • fatigue-free and precise powerful
  • Reliable Object detection even under less than ideal conditions
  • ready for use quickly
  • contactless
  • customizable
  • Deep learning library

License plate recognition:

  • Recognition of license plates
  • Reading characters even in poor lighting conditions
  • Detects signs in any position suitable for example Access control