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Vision 2021 » Metal bending

Metal bending

Precise angle measurement and control

With EyeSens Angle, EVT offers you an intelligent tool for precise angle measurement. EyeSens Angle consists of a hardware and a software component. The hardware consists of a light section sensor, which throws a laser line onto the objects to be checked. The profile of the laser beam is then recorded and processed by the side-mounted camera. If, for example, in the construction industry, an angle is faulty due to wear on the mold or fluctuations in the extrusion pressure, this is recognized by the system. Thanks to the surface profile, angles and edge positions can be measured, calculated and checked immediately by the laser. Several angles can also be offset against one another. The component to be tested can be easily taught-in using intuitively understandable icons. The light section sensor works with a frame rate of up to 1 kHz. The measuring range begins at a working distance of up to 80 mm from the sensor. The compact design of the sensor allows flexible use either as a fixed measuring unit or in a moving one.