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3D Weld seam inspection

3D Weld seam inspection

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With the EyeVision, weld seams or adhesive beads can be inspected easily and precisely. The innovative software checks these for:

  • end-crater-free execution of the seam
  • seam width and length
  • missing seam
  • seam collapse
  • holes and surface pores in the seam
  • seam binding
  • isoscelesity

As soon as one of these errors is detected, EyeVision immediately calculates the deviation and outputs a signal. The weld can now be revised.

The 3D laser triangulation sensor EyeScan 3D is particularly suitable as hardware for the inspection of weld seams or adhesive beads. This measures the height profile by projecting a laser line onto the weld seam. Since the system has a height offset, weld seams or beads of adhesive that exceed the learned profile are also detected.