EVT provides with the image processing software EyeVision a versatile tool for the realization of image processing tasks. Whether 1D, 2D or 3D applications, EyeVison always provides a large number of tools to realize any imaginable application. 

Where classical image processing reaches its limits, it is possible to seamlessly switch to AI or Deep Learning within the software.
Ultimately, the acceptance of an image processing solution by the end user always depends on an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. EVT has made the creation of an end user GUI (Graphical User Interface) much easier and more flexible with the latest version of EyeVision.

The GUI Designer was developed for this purpose. Predefined buttons, result and statistic displays, camera images or “only” a simple good/bad signalization are tools with which the user can create his individual user interface very quickly. Of course, input fields can also be defined.
By integrating company-specific logos or designs, the appearance of the user interface can be adapted to the corporate design of the end customer. The result is a user interface that meets the wishes and requirements of the customer and ensures user acceptance.

Thermography – See and evaluate the invisible

Learn more about the possibilities of EyeVision software for thermal measurement and inspection tasks. You will be surprised which tasks, which are not realizable with classical image processing, can be easily solved with the functional tolls “Thermography“.

For example in the areas:

  • Active thermography
  • Passive thermography
  • Lock-In thermography

Learn about the numerous applications such as inspection of electronic components, precision resistors, packaging inspection and leak detection, cavity inspection and level detection of containers.

Attend the free webinar: Thermography on November 25th from 10 to 12 a. m. via Zoom.

Food inspection with 3D and color recognition!

EyeVision 3D in combination with various 3D sensors, e. g. from Automation Technology to Wenglor MEL, is perfectly suited for the inspection of fruits and vegetables. 

In addition, there is a large number of commands for 3D object recognition, 3D filters, 3D probes, etc. With the graphical user interface and the Drag-and-Drop function of the EyeVision, the programming of a customer-specific inspection program is also easily possible after a short training period. 

Fruits and vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, do not always meet the visually appealing criteria of supermarkets. Image processing  can already be used during harvesting in the field to harvest only those vegetables that meet the market´s criteria.

However, qualification in the field is not economical for every harvest. Therefore, in many cases it is economical to classify the fruit in central sorting facilities. In both cases EyeVision 3D is used. An image processing system with EyeVision is the ideal tool to qualify fruit and vegetables and thus to guarantee the optimal sales process. Not only 3D image processing is used, but also, for exmaple, color inspection to further increase the quality of the inspection. 

EyeVision 3D can be used in all areas of quality assurance. Often the software simplifies inspection methods compared to 2D, but in any case 3D expands the possibilities of quality control many times over.

October – a month full of events

Come in to our new office premises

We have moved. In the course of constant development, EVT GmbH has moved to a new location within the Karlsruhe technology region.
We would like to invite you to our modern and generously designed premises at Ettlinger Straße 59.
We are especially pleased to be able to discuss, design and realize new project ideas in personal dialog with our customers again in our new premises.

Boston Vision Show 2022

EVT was also part of this year’s BOSTON Vision Show reboot. This time we were present at two booths, the EVT booth and the booth of Eye Vision Technology’s new distributor SABER1.

During the show we presented the latest EyeVision 4.2 with extended Deep Learning functionality and improved robot support. This allows applications to be created that enable hand-eye calibration with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, the Data Tree, Data Loop, 2D Object list commands are new tools that enable more efficient inspection program design of complex tasks.

In addition, the low-cost and fast triangulation scanner “3D Scanner Saturn” from AIC was also exhibited. This scanner scans with up to 3000 3D lines per second and can thus solve even price-sensitive 3D tasks with a high accuracy of up to 10 micrometers.

The entire system with the innovative 3D sensor is small, compact, easy to handle and also cost-effective. More information about the product is available here.

Next year Eye Vision Technology will be back at the Vision Show in Boston!

Vision 2022

We would like to thank everyone who visited our VISION stand in Stuttgart this year. Once again, we had many new products that were very well received. Unfortunately, the next opportunity will not be for another 2 years, as VISION is going back to its 2-year cycle.

In the meantime, we will keep you regularly informed about further developments via our newsletter or live at one of the other trade fairs at which we will be exhibiting next year.

EyeVision – the universal image processing software

The dream of every image processor is to have a universal software that can realise any application with any hardware. Whether simple tasks that can be solved with vision sensors or highly complex 2D applications with several cameras, whether 1D, 2D or 3D, whether colour or monochrome, it would be a dream to be able to realise all these applications with just one software. Gone are the days when you had to learn different image processing programs for different hardware solutions. If thermography or hyperspectral tasks can also be solved, this would be another plus point.

EVT’s EyeVision software revolutionises image processing by being the first software to combine all these wishes in one software. EyeVision is compatible with cameras from more than 50 manufacturers, from A, like AVT, to B, like BASLER, to Z, like ZIVID! The more than 380 different function tools for line scan cameras, matrix cameras as well as 3D cameras in the visible, infrared and hyperspectral range leave almost no task without a solution. Of course, it is also possible to integrate your own tools into the software. No matter whether OCR or barcode reading is required, a colour has to be recognised or dimensions have to be determined in a 3D point cloud or a 3D image. The EyeVision software solves all these tasks without any problems.

For the user this means that he decides on the basis of the task whether it should be an intelligent camera or whether a large PC system, to which several cameras are connected, should be integrated. The software remains the same in all cases, there is no need to relearn or re-learn. Today a thermography solution can be realised and tomorrow a colour image evaluation. The only thing that changes is the hardware.

You can find a small insight into the various tasks, in addition to the finished project files, on the YouTube channel of Eye Vision Technology. This channel has small demo videos available for many applications, in which you are guided step by step to the solution of your tasks.

Safe palletizing or depalletizing with EyeVision

Palletizing or depalletizing is always based on reliably and quickly detecting objects (e.g. cartons, bags, etc.) and then passing on the determined gripping data to the robot. The basis for correct gripping is hand-eye calibration, so that the robot grips at the position where the camera sees the object. For recognition to work reliably and safely, it is necessary to detect the objects reliably.

The basis for this is the new recognition are based on Deep Learning. Once the objects are detected using Deep Learning, the grasping positions and angles are determined in the 3D image. The point cloud is then used to determine which of the objects is in the uppermost position and depalletizing begins. The neural networks predefined in the EyeVision allow this procedure for a large number of objects. If an object is not yet known, it can be quickly learned with the integrated learning tool, so that these objects are also reliably recognized.

Pain-free stitch due to 100% control of the needle tip

A perfectly shaped needle is the prerequisite for a painless injection. To ensure this, the numerous measuring tools of the EyeVision image processing software are used. These ensure that all parameters and angles of the needle are correctly maintained. In this way, the innovative software eliminates health risks due to faulty syringes.

The EyeVision software checks the tip of the syringe to an accuracy of 1/100 mm within 25ms (needle end check). If a needle does not meet the requirements, it is sorted out so that only optimally shaped needles with 100% quality are delivered and used.

Inspect fruits and vegetables with EyeVision

Quick and easy: Inspect fruits and vegetables with EyeVision!
There has long been a problem of good, edible food being thrown away by supermarkets and other grocery stores because it does not meet the specifications and standards of the stores and their customers. With 3D image processing, this can be counteracted: EyeVision software, for example, combined with the fast, compact Saturn 3D sensor, can separate produce with good and less good quality. Thus, the good ones can be sold in the store, and the rest can be processed elsewhere. Reduce the amount of food thrown away easily with EyeVision 3D!

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