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EVT Automatica 2023 news

EVT at Automatica Munich: EyeVison 4.8, Robot Vision, Advanced 3D and DeepLearning

Don’t miss our presentation on Thursday, 29.06.2023!

Here you will get exciting content about depalletizing with 3D-Vision, Deep Learning and ROS2.

Also this year, EVT will exhibit in Munich at automatica 2023. The focus is on EyeVision 4.8, Robot Vision with ROS 2 support, Advanced 3D and DeepLearning.

EVT presents the new EyeVision 4.8 version. It comes with a completely revised robot interface which makes it even easier to control different robots either in their native language or via the ROS 2 standard.

At our booth we will show how the whole system of image capture and robot action is simulated before the robot shows it in action. Many new use cases can be solved easily, not only in 3D but also with 2D. The new EyeVision has a further extended 3D command set with which it is also possible to easily implement fully automatic volume evaluations – with all supported sensors. Here we have invested a lot of work and integrated a large number of additional sensors.

Our new triangulation package completes the whole. In addition to the standard sensors, anyone can now slowly build a triangulation scanner with a line laser and a matrix camera and the EyeVision.

Be surprised about the extended communication capabilities of the EyeVision. Especially the OPC UA command has been extended again, but also MQTT, Profinet, Modbus and many more communication possibilities have been added.

And not to forget the enhancements in DeepLearning, which opens up application fields that could not be solved before, such as surface inspection technology but also many applications in the sorting area. Bin picking as well as palletizing and depalletizing become more efficient and reliable in recognition and gripping.

Many other products have been added in the last year!

Among other things the EyeSorter or the EyeSurface Check – these are ready Smart Sensors whose heart forms the EyeVision software but are immediately applicable.

Thus they complement the EyeSens and EyeCheck product family.

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