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Command: Code reading


The code commands of the EyeVison read all common codes in the industrial as well as non-industrial environment. These include OCR, barcodes, DMC and QR codes, but the commands can also be used to read license plates. Even codes that are difficult to recognize can be recognized using the deep learning approach.

The codes are precisely recognized and evaluated, despite:

  • Pollution
  • Fuzziness
  • Reflection
  • Poor lighting
  • Location
  • Rotational position


Codes represent the basis of logistics and production right through to the consumer. From product traceability to codes to sales at the checkout, there are always a wide variety of codes that have to be read. Industry 4.0 in particular depends on the identifiability of components.

The powerful code reading commands make it easy for you to solve the tasks in this field.

The following video gives you an insight into reading plain text with EyeVision.

Convince yourself of the code reading commands and try them out.

Download the Demoversion and open the CodeReading_Examples project.