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EyeVision Crosshair Generator

EyeVision Crosshair Generator

A crosshair application where only a flicker-free overlay is superimposed on the camera image, or a semi-manual measurement system that works similar to a profile projector.

With the EyeVision Crosshair Generator diverse application cases can be solved, because the Crosshair Generator has various options. From a simple cross to further circles and scale strokes, everything can be configured.

In combination with the image analysis functions of the EyeVision software, the Crosshair Generator from EVT enables the realization of semi-automatic as well as fully automatic measurement sequences. The collected results can be transmitted directly to a PLC or host computer via the built-in communication interfaces OPC UA, TCP/IP, MQTT, Profinet, Modbus.


In addition, all camera options of the EyeVision software are available to the user. Thus, the crosshair generator can already be realized very inexpensively, for example on the basis of a Raspberry PI and an 8 megapixel camera.