EyeVision image processing software and the VAX smart camera from Baumer
The ideal powerful combination

The VAX camera series from Baumer and the image processing software from EVT provide the user with unprecedented power density. The small camera with a powerful processor and high resolution in combination with Eyevision allows solutions for tasks that previously required bulky and powerful PCs. All common interfaces allow direct operation without the need to connect an external computer via an interface, as is common with smart cameras.

EyeVision can be installed very easily or, if desired, the customer receives a completely pre-configured system from EVT. EVT’s more than 350 function tools leave nothing to be desired and allow any conceivable application to be realized.

The combination of VAX and EyeVision also allows AI applications. Tasks that cannot be solved or can only be solved with difficulty using classic image processing can be adapted to the task at hand by means of easy configuration with minimal training. Where previously thousands of images were needed for training, EyeVision gets by with just a few images in many applications. Our AI experts are at your disposal to take the first steps into a new world of image processing.