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EyeVision inspects 30 bottles per second!

EyeVision inspects 30 bottles per second!

Bottles and cans are inspected for leaks every millisecond, the labels are checked for correct seating and the applied codes are read. If a feature applies, then the product is rejected.

With the support of multiple sensors, the products are checked for the position of the label, for the print and the lettering. A 3D camera can also control the position and shape of the object.

The powerful EyeVision software does not have to be programmed for this, simply configuring it with the mouse is enough to quickly put the tests together. The precise software guarantees 100 percent product quality assurance.

The EyeVision software also checks:

  • Label
  • Cap
  • Thread & bottle neck
  • Bottle mouth
  • Level