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EyeVision – the universal image processing software

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The dream of every image processor is to have a universal software that can realise any application with any hardware. Whether simple tasks that can be solved with vision sensors or highly complex 2D applications with several cameras, whether 1D, 2D or 3D, whether colour or monochrome, it would be a dream to be able to realise all these applications with just one software. Gone are the days when you had to learn different image processing programs for different hardware solutions. If thermography or hyperspectral tasks can also be solved, this would be another plus point.

EVT’s EyeVision software revolutionises image processing by being the first software to combine all these wishes in one software. EyeVision is compatible with cameras from more than 50 manufacturers, from A, like AVT, to B, like BASLER, to Z, like ZIVID! The more than 380 different function tools for line scan cameras, matrix cameras as well as 3D cameras in the visible, infrared and hyperspectral range leave almost no task without a solution. Of course, it is also possible to integrate your own tools into the software. No matter whether OCR or barcode reading is required, a colour has to be recognised or dimensions have to be determined in a 3D point cloud or a 3D image. The EyeVision software solves all these tasks without any problems.

For the user this means that he decides on the basis of the task whether it should be an intelligent camera or whether a large PC system, to which several cameras are connected, should be integrated. The software remains the same in all cases, there is no need to relearn or re-learn. Today a thermography solution can be realised and tomorrow a colour image evaluation. The only thing that changes is the hardware.

You can find a small insight into the various tasks, in addition to the finished project files, on the YouTube channel of Eye Vision Technology. This channel has small demo videos available for many applications, in which you are guided step by step to the solution of your tasks.