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FFP 2 mask inspection with the EyeVision software

FFP 2 mask inspection with the EyeVision software

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EyeVision image processing software enables medical mouth and nose coverings to be inspected for quality. This enables precise compliance with the desired safety standards by immediately detecting defects and eliminating their causes.
The system is autonomous, fully configured and therefore ready for immediate use. The innovative EyeVision software ensures precise, error-free and fast inspection of the protective masks.
The software uses thermography to check the adhesive points and seals, for example of the rubber pads used to attach the mask to the ears. In addition, the Optical Character Recognition command (OCR command) of the EyeVision software can inspect the printed lettering and number on the masks for accuracy and legibility. At the same time, the attachment of the metal nosepiece is inspected to ensure that it will not damage production line machinery if it is incorrectly attached. EyeVision inspects not only the mask, but also its packaging through thermography. The image processing software can prevent the contamination of the medical product by inspecting the weld of the plastic packaging.

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