Thermography in Machine Vision

The EyeVision software not only supports the well-known IR cameras such as Optris and Flir, but EVT has developed:

  • the ThermoCam LC: a low cost infrared solution for the machine vision industry
  • the EyeCheck Thermo: the first intelligent thermal imaging camera

EyeCheck Thermo

Die EyeCheck Thermo is the first smart thermal imaging camera

It features:

  • 8 In- and 8 Outputs
  • Interfaces: GigE & RS232
  • Additional LVDS interface
  • M12 connector with IP65
  • 2 x Micro-USB
  • mini-PCI Express
  • Freely programmable FPGA
  • Integrated NUC Shutter
  • EyeVision image processing software
  • Thermal imaging command set
  • Available resolutions:
  • EC Thermo 800 with 320x240
  • EC Thermo 1000 with 640x480
  • Optional ZYNQ board:
  • Raze1-15 with 74k Logic Elements
  • Raze1-30 with 125k Logic Elements

ThermoCam LC

ThermoCam LC (TCLC) Features

  • up to 100 images per second
  • already precalibrated
  • noise (NETD) is only 0,2K
  • measurement range of -50°C up to +300°C
  • field of view of 16x4 pixel
  • optional opening angle of 40°, 60° or 120°

Applications for TCLC

  • hot parts on a circuit board
  • distant temperature measurements in critical processes
  • measurements the temperature gradation on surfaces
  • the temperature distribution on silicium wafers during the string soldering
  • production of light weight construction trim parts
  • etc.

EyeVision Thermo supports IR-Camera by Automation Technology (AT)