11.07.2017 Age: 2 Jahre

EyeVision 3D supports Quelltech 3D Sensor

The EyeVision software now also supports the 3D sensor by Quelltech.

With the sensor the user has the full 3D command set of the EyeVision software available and can then evaluate the images of profiles and point clouds. Commands such as the 3D Match, which is for pattern matching working on a point cloud, are available, as well as a command for bin-picking.

The Quelltech Sensor can full support the software and is a strong partner for the EyeVision 3D software.

The laser sensor has been designed to meet the requirements of standard measuring applications. Thanks to its increased flexibility, it can be used for several tasks also in complex projects. The dimensions of the ultra-compact version amount to only 86x40x25, at a weight of 140 g. Protective panes and cooling modules are available as an option.

The Q4 laser sensor model enables users to obtain stable measuring results also on difficult surfaces, whether mirroring or transparent. The QS-View Standard Software comprises a comprehensive selection of application modules, to be invoked at once without previous programming steps. Customized adaptations are possible any time.