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EyeCheck smart cameras with integrated image processing software

The EyeCheck Smart Cameras are equipped with the EyeVision drag-and-drop software


EVT offers the EyeVision image processing software not only as stand-alone PC & Embedded software, but also wrapped up in the various EyeCheck smart cameras.

EyeVision has a graphical user interface and is programmed with a drag-and-drop function. This offers a maximum ease of use, as no programming skills are necessary.

The EyeCheck cameras are available in various hardware variation, starting with the compact, all-inclusive EyeCheck 900 and 1000 series with integrated light and lens. Then there is the EyeCheck 2000 and 5000 series with resolutions of 5 megapixel and more. The EyeCheck ZQ is not only equipped with a FPGA but is also as small as a thumb.

The new addition is the EyeCheck 4000 Z series, a camera from the EVT hardware development. This series consists of a smart line scan camera with a resolution of up to 2x2048 pixel. And the series consists also of a matrix sensor camera in gray or color with c-mount lens connector and a resolution of up to 5 megapixel.

Both cameras can optionally be equipped with a Myriad 2 Deep Learning processor adding power and speed.

All EyeCheck 4000 Z smart cameras have a FPGA, DualCore ARM processor, GigE interface with PoE.