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Extremely compact and high-resolution 3D-system with EyeVision 3D for electronic components

With EyeVision 3D and the high-resolution EyeScan AT 3D laser triangulation sensor even fine-grained structures in the electronic and semiconductor industry can be scanned and inspected.

For such applications EVT has EyeScan AT 3D models such as the sensor C5-1280CS35-12 with a z-resolution of 0,2 µm or the sensor model C5-1280CS25-20 with a z-resolution of 0,4 µm. Both sensors scan with high speed and have 120 kHz scan frequency. With over 1280 points per profile all components can be scanned and inspected with the highest accuracy.

Thanks to the extremely compact model form the sensor fits into almost every machine.

Additionally the EyeVision 3D Software, which can process different evaluations in the point cloud with commands that are very easy to handle. The combination of EyeVision 3D software and EyeScan AT 3D scanner is the ideal solution for applications such as e.g.:

  • Measuring and inspection of small and filigree component parts, such as used in the electronic industry

  • Capturing of high-contrast 3D-images and point clouds also of parts with reflexive surface or parts with dark characteristics.

  • Detection of presents and position of soldering paste as well as detection of lifted-leads.

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