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EyeScan AT3D Max – the fastest and highest definition laser line 3D sensor

The EyeScan AT 3D Max is the fastest and highest resolution displacement sensor on the market. The position sensor can measure at lightning speed the distance between an object and a reference point or changes in length.

The AT 3D max is the only sensor on the market, that offers both high scan rates at full measurement range and maximum resolution images (profile points). With the accurate, high dynamic range (HDR) it is possible to achieve maximum contrast and highest speed of up to 100 kHz at full measurement range. This is especially ideal for measuring and inspecting very small parts, such as electronic components.

Many sensors of this sensor series contain at least 2000 points per profile and can therefore evaluate demanding production applications in 3D with the HDR and a speed of 50 kHz.

Even the smallest component parts can be scanned with a measurement resolution of 1 µm. Due to the big selection of high-resolution sensors, there is a sensor for every 3D application.

The MultiSolpe HDR methode allows the user to achieve prefect scans even of component parts, which contain highly reflective or dark features.

This means that the user can inspect shiny pins on black plastic as well as differently printed labels on bottle caps, which can shine silver or softly in all color nuances, in full resolution and full speed.

The evaluation with the EyeVision software is very easy. With just a few mouse clicks, 3D evaluations for automotive or electronic industry as well as food and beverage industry can be realized.

The extensive command set and easy integration with the many supported interfaces, for example the UR Robot command or the Profinet Stack, allow the user an immediate and easy combination with machines and plants.