EyeVision - the software for all cases

The EyeVision software by EVT offers image processing solutions for a variety of applications, such as:

  • measurement and test technique
  • surface inspection
  • DMC, QR, bar code, OCR/OCV
  • error detection
  • pattern matching
  • 3D measurement
  • object detection
  • position adjustment
  • color and contour check, etc.

The reliable image processing software EyeVision stands for "zero-error-production", a reduction of processing time, an increase in quality and productivity - and - of course, a higher customer satisfaction.

Thanks to a quick installation and universal application for all vision tasks, the EyeVision software offers a quick, efficient and reasonably priced solution for various application areas. Inspection procedures for all applications can be generated even without programming skills.

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Drag-and-Drop Programming

EyeVision means programming via graphical user interface. The Drag-and-Drop system facilitates handling the EyeVision software. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to create and configure new image processing inspection programs - quick and easy. Thanks to an innovative method the handling is easy also for an inexperienced user. Inspection procedures for all optical applications, such as object detection or measurements, can be generated without programming skills.

The intuitive configuration procedure can be adjusted quickly and easily to individual requirements, without interrupting the manufacturing process.

The easy handling in combination with the extensive command set allows to employ the software immediately in various branches and industries such as e.g. the automobile industry, the electrical industry, the semiconductor industry and also in the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as in the packaging technology.

The EyeVision software supports:

  • Vision Sensors such as e.g. ChipEye 5Side, EyeProfile etc.
  • smart cameras such as EyeSpector and EyeCheck
  • PC-Systems with the camera interfaces GigE, USB, FireWire, Camera Link and CoaXPress
  • all cameras with DCAM profile
  • 3D Sensors such as EyeScan 3D
  • analogue cameras (via selected frame grabber)

EyeVision unterstützt zudem sämtliche Kameras von The Imaging Source, SVS Vistek, Imaging Solution Group, uvm.

EyeVision wird von allen Plattformen von W2K bis W7 unterstützt.

Flexible Hardware Options

The flexibility in hardware selection allows the user to build low-cost, as well as expensive systems of top quality.

The modular system concept allows to integrate different hardware devices into the software in the same way as the hardware is plugged into the sockets in the PC motherboard. If there is a new hardware, the associated EyeVision driver has to be selected and the new hardware can be used.

EVHD is the PlugIn integration for all components of your vision system. Just simply select the hardware and the desired algorithms - EVHD will connect them.

Die EyeVision läuft auf Boards wie...

  •    ... Raspberry Pi
  •    ... Odroid
  •    ... Asus: Tinkerboard
  •    ... Auvidea: NVIDIA Jetson & NVIDIA AGX Xavier
  •    ... Geniatech: 4 IoT - Geniatech
  •    ... HiKey
  •    ... HummingBoard
  •    ... MediaTec
  •    ... MSC
  •    ... Rock960
  •    ... Ultra96
  •    ... Voipac: Open Rex & Tiny Rex

The Graphical User Interface (GUI)

EyeVision - The Machine Vision Software

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