OEM Special Integration

EVT designs sensor-, CPU- and I/O-boards, as well as OEM systems on customers request and according to the application

EVT offers OEM solutions with:

  • different hardware platforms and libraries or
  • the EyeVision standard software

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IoCap board for your smart camera solution

The IoCap (Image Capture & IO) Board offers:

  • 4 in- and 4 outputs
  • 12 - 24V IO input voltage
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2 camera interfaces for remote usage
  • all characteristics of the EyeMIO

2 camera interfaces for remote-usage

The IoCap board can be combined with all our, or your own sensor boards.

We have matrix and line scan sensors available.

EyeMIO - PLC-IO-Modul

PLC-IO-modules for industrial use. With the EyeVision software it is an interface between the image processing system and the production plant.

  • 4 in- and 4 outputs or 12 in- and 12 outputs
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet interface
  • 24 V connector
  • additionally, the RS232 parameter, can be configured individually via USB

EyeMIO with Sub-D connector

EyeMIO with screw terminal

ZYNQ Boards

EVT offers custom-made sensor boards, for example ZYNQ boards:

  • Raze1-15 with 74k Logic Elements or
  • Raze1-30 with 125k Logic Elements

Additional features:

  • 64 MB QSPI flash
  • 8 GB flash
  • GigE, USB, digital I/O

ARM boards

  • QuadCore 1,5 GHz CPU
  • OctaCore 2 GHz CPU
  • 8 GB flash
  • digital I/O
  • GigE, USB, HDMI

Sensor head with small robot