EyeScan 3D - 3D Cameras

The compact integration offers not only a immediately applicable 3D smart camera, but the calibration of the system is already done, because it is already carried out in at the production site. Therefore it is sufficient to connect the sensor to the standard interface and the evaluation can be carried out in no time.

The easy-to-handle drag-and-drop programming, as already known from other EVT products, allows to either detemine volume, carry out measurements in space or else define positions for the robot-gripper.

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The 3D sensors with EyeVision software

EyeScan LT 3D SH
EyeScan LZ 3D SH
EyeScan SD 3D SH
EyeScan SR 3D SH
EyeScan KT 3D SH
EyeScan VR 3D SH
EyeScan AT 3D SH
i3D-Eye II

Possible applications

The EyeScan 3D cameras can solve many different tasks as for example

  • BGA check
  • sealing bead control, glue inspection, solder paste check
  • food control
  • pore inspection
  • surface inspection
  • OCR character recognition
BGA check (programme)
BGA check (circuit board)
solder paste check (programme)
sealing bead control (3D point cloud)
food control (3D point cloud)
pore inspection (3D point cloud)
surface inspection (3D point cloud)
quality management OCR (3D point cloud)