The SolarEye plug-in offers a precise control in every position of the solar cell production.

The production of solar cells, solar cell strings and modules is very challenging. The individual stages of production can only be realized efficiently if just the good cells are selected for further processing.

SolarEye already starts with the handling of the individual cells. Position and orientation will be determined precisely to the micrometer and passed on to the handling system.

Apart from these special commands, all instructions of the EyeVision Software are available to the user. In connection with the EyeSpector® 4300EL we developed a special command to recognize early micro-cracks in polycristalline silicon, based on the electro-luminiscence. Particularly adapted for this task the very sensitive sensor provides a high-contrast display of the errors. So, the special filter operator of the EyeVision Software makes a reliable error detection possible.

It is important to discover cracks and microcracks promptly before further producing to determine precisely the position of the solder wires for solding the individual cells to strings. Just for this task the SolarEye plug-in was developed.

SolarEye offers:

  •  specific evaluation on large surfaces
  • optimized resolution by adjusting the image sector
  • simple control of the AOI areas
  • easy-to-use because of consistent mouse controlsimple application-specific adjustments 
  • easy-to-handle software
  • expandable by modules
  • well-priced and efficient
  • compact and shock-resistant
  • integrated SPS to connect machines
  • universal application

SolarEye commands

Position and turn position determination

The following screenshot shows an example for the evaluation of position determination. 


The position values including the turn position are directly available by one of the interfaces. Standard protocols are used either by RS232 interface or by Ethernet, whereby here the protocols
TCP/IP, UDP, EtherNet/IP, MODBUS/TCP and ProfiNet are provided. By Gatway systems we can implement the connection of the bus to CAN bus, interbus as well as profibus.


The following screenshot shows an example for ES 4300EL evaluation:


Evaluated image by SolarOperator with                             Original image with inserted evaluation
error determination

Solder up cells to strings

Solder wire recognition for further processing to strings

Image with determined values which will be passed

further on automatically to the solder station.

Recognition of edge disruptions

Precise edge control for disruptions and imperfections with high resolution 5 MPixel EyeSpector®

The entire outline will be checked for defects at the outer

contour based on a very high resolution sensor. 

Laser cutting of conductors

The tracking tool controls the laser cuttings for their width and their position. 

With the EyeSpector® line system the laser cuttings can be checked and detected accurate to the micrometer with max. 19 KHz. 
The Solar plug-in allows the control of the position and cutting tracks via simple Drag-and-Drop programming. The result values can be sent to the control either by Ethernet or by RS232.

Download the latest SolarEye brochure HERE!