Smart Cameras

The EyeVision image processing software runs on smart cameras such as EyeCheck and EyeSpector.



RazerCam Nano

The RazerCam Nano is probably the smallest smart camera in the world. With dimensions of 20 x 20 mm, the camera is the smallest available smart camera on the market. Due to its real time image processing with the FPGA the camera can be applied to fast tasks.

The RazerCam Nano has a powerfull ZYNQ processor with DualCore ARM and integrated illumination. Additionally the camera has digital I/Os and interfaces such as RS232 and Ethernet.

Smart Camera with FPGA

The RazerCam by EVT is a fast smart camera with free programmable FPGA, which allows data to be preprocessed in real time. Due to the fact that most of the FPGA are available for the user, even complex applications such as e.g. contour matching can be processed directly. Based on the XILINX ZYNQ SoC, the camera is equipped with two ARM Cores.

The user can choose between two matrix sensors with 0,4 MP and 3 MP and one line scan sensor with 4k.


EyeCheck 9xx and 1xxx

The EyeCheck 9xx and 1xxx series are excellent image processing sensors in rough environments, due to their robust and compact design, also with the protection category IP67. This CMOS sensor cameras have a resolution ranging from 640 x 480 up to 1280 x 1024 pixel. The ARM processor allows a speed from up to 1 GHz.

The available interfaces of the cameras are RS232, RS422 and Ethernet, as well as digital I/Os.

The EyeCheck 9xx and 1xxx series are available with integrated lenses an illumination or in the C-mount version.

EyeCheck 2000

EyeCheck 2xxx and 3xxx

The EyeCheck 2xxx & 3xxx series are in the CMOS-sensor version available in resolutions ranging from 752 x 480 up to 2592 x 1944 pixel and in the CCD-sensor version in resolutions ranging from 640 x 480 up to 2448 x 2050 pixel. The available interfaces are RS232 and Ethernet as well as digital I/Os. In addition they are equipped with a video output and they are suitable for connecting USB devices (such as mouse and keyboard).

The cameras can transfer computationally intensive tasks onto a DSP and therefore offer top performance even for challenging inspectin tasks.

EyeCheck 4xxx

The RazerCam is also available as EyeCheck 4xxx with integrated EyeVision software.

The camera is equipped with a LINUX operating system. An extensive API makes it easier to create individual programs in C++ or C code. Thanks to numerous libraries for the ARM processor cores, applications can be solved really fast.

EyeCheck 7xxx

Smart camera with free programmable FPGA. The EyeCheck 7800  for example is equipped with a Dual Core processor, FPGA of 85K and a 4.2 MegaPixel CMOS sensor. Together with the EyeVision 3.0 software it is possible to capture extremely small objects in highspeed. Thanks to the FPGA this is also possible within real time. Additionally the FPGAs are programmable with graphic tools.

EyeCheck Thermo - the smart thermal imaging camera

In the compact housing is a freely programmable FPGA. The integrated ZYNQ board Raze1-30 is at the customers disposal. It is also possible to use different ZYNQ boards, corresponding to the needs and wishes of the customer.

The camera has 8 in- and 8 outputs and has a toleranz of up to 24V. On customers demand he can choose between Raze1-15 and Raze1-30, depending on how powerful the FPGA should be.

Initiates file downloadDownload EyeVision Thermo brochure

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EyeSpector smart camera

EyeSpector 800

EyeSpector 8xx

(only available for existing customers. Not for new projects.)

The EyeSpector 8xx series with CMOS sensors supplies resolutions from 752 x 480 up to 2592 x 1944 pixel. It is the most compact camera of the EyeSpector series and additionally offers the full EyeVision command set.

The operating system is a LINUX like real time operating system, but the EyeSpector user does not have to deal with it. With this operating system it is possible to save multiple programs to the camera and to switch external. Also it is possible to save images as well as statistic process data to the camera. With standard SD-cards, the internal flash drive,  can be extended to several gigabyte. Furthermore hardware supported image processing functions, which are processed without loading the CPU, are available.

EyeSpector 1xxx, 2xxx, 4xxx

EyeSpector 1xxx, 2xxx, 4xxx

(Only available for existing customers. Not for new projects.)

The EyeSpector 1xxx, 2xxx and 4xxx series with CCD and CMOS sensors cover a resolution range from 640 x 480 up to 1600 x 1200 pixel in greyscale and in color and supply a frame rate up to 250 Hz.

The cameras are connected with the outside world by interfaces such as Ethernet and RS232 and digital I/Os. They also have a VGA interface for the connection to displays.

EyeSpector and EyeCheck programming

The vision sensors are solving various tasks, ranging from controling the presence to reader functions such as DMC, OCR/ OCV, Barcode, QR, and measuring of distances and pattern matching.

For this purpose, the sensor has to be configured only once with the parameterizing software. The parameterizing of the Vision Sensor is as simple as already known by the EyeSpector systems. The system can be configured with a golden part or based on a CAD-file (DXF) in a few steps. After one-time configuration the checking is executed autonomously and without a PC.

The evaluation software of the inspection system saves all information of the defect characteristics during the running production. The software informs the user always about all defect characteristics so the production process can be improved continuously and systemically.

The Ethernet interfaces allow to transfer the checking results and the images including the overlay directly to a display terminal or a central computer.


In addition all images and data can be transferred via the EyeView interface to other applications in order to visualize or continue processing. Therewith the user can continuously and systematically enhance the production process.