Ready-to-use systems with EyeVision

The ready-to-use systems offer a variety of solutions with smal learning time and just a few clicks of a button in industries such as food and beverages, electronics and in areas such as deep learning, thermography, 2D and 3D image processing. The systems include the EyeVision software solution for free adaptation, as well as the EmSys computer hardware and an industrial camera from one of the supported manufacturers such as Allied Vision Technologies, Basler, Baumer, Teledyne Dalsa, or thermography cameras from Optris or Flir. Both GigE and USB cameras are available for cameras.

Gear Checking

inspect gears

3D weld seam inspection

test laser and metal inert gas welds

Alignment & centering

check the alignment and centering of defined labels

Recognize Barcodes

reading barcodes

Crosshair generator

precise positioning

Color evaluation

check color, sort and inspect

Cavity testing

detect holes with thermography

Cable inspection

checks cables for correct contact assignment

Read plain text

OCR for reading plain text

Glue dot inspection

check glue dots with thermography

Cork inspection

check corks in e.g. wine bottles

Scratch inspection

detects defects on surfaces


Implementation of measurement technology tasks

Match objects

Solves pattern matching tasks

Barcode, DMC & OCR

Scan barcode, DMC, OCR

Count objects

detect and count objects

Temperature test

Monitoring of temperature, Level check


License plate recognition & Windshield detection

EyeCon Profile

Recognize profile and contours in 2D


Test and measurement tasks


read codes, detect errors


People Thermal Tracker

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